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Today’s category: (9/22/22) Most you’ve ever spent on a haircut/color/style:

(9/21/22) Strangest place ever taken on a date: Mina Travis (Guy took her to cemetery first to meet his grandparents)
(9/20/22) Worst bet lost on a sporting event: Greg Herndon (Lost an Apple Cup bet and had to snort a line of SRIRACHA!)
(8/26/22) Best nickname for ex: Megan Kane (“M.L.C.M.” – “Mid-Life Crisis Man”)

(8/25/22) Oldest dad to father a child: Susan’s Grandpa Lloyd (Had 3 kids at ages 70, 72 & 74 before passing at age 84!)
(8/24/22) Most jobs held at same time: Esther Johnson (3 – Farm, D.J. & office staff)
(8/23/22) Most disappointing celebrity meeting: Jason (Johnny Carson blew him off in Burbank, CA)
(8/22/22) Most email addresses: Steve Hall (8)
(8/19/22) Worst thing hit while golfing: Celia Laurie (Let a guy play through. She teed-off and her club slipped out of her hands hitting the man!)
(8/18/22) Weirdest caught fishing: Wes Wyatt (A baseball, shoe and a rock)
(8/17/22) Best thrift store find: Doug & Krysta Wilske (An entire driving rig for a horse for $3 – Offered 500 a week later)
(8/16/22) Most magazine subscriptions: Lauren Ashley (4)
(8/12/22) Most times failing driver’s test: Parker Hall (passed written on 3rd try)
(8/11/22) Most times arrested: Ronnie B. (Lost count around 25)
(8/10/22) Named after a TV/movie character or someone famous: Sean NEIL Armstrong of Selah (Yes, was born in 1969!)
(8/9/22) Best thing you ever found on the side of the road that you KEPT: Rhonda ($150 in Phoenix, AZ)
(8/8/22) Biggest on-line/Amazon purchase: Brandon Swann ($25k on a used car)
(8/5/22) Biggest family: Bruce Fish of White Swan (22)
(8/4/22) Crappiest thing bought off infomercial: Pam Moore (Magnetic bug screen for an outside door. Never survived the instillation)
(8/3/22) Most unique/romantic marriage proposal: Shauna (Her husband, Adrian, proposed on their couch with an onion ring!)
(8/2/22) Longest to pay back student loan: Justin Garcia (21 years to get rid of $80k)
(8/1/22) Most famous person randomly “bumped into”: Mike Vendetti (Ran track in H.S. w/ O.J. Simpson, Celia Laurie – picked up Eddie Vedder 20 miles outside of Ellensburg in her cab; he tipped $190, Sam – had a :45 minute conversation with Chuck Berry at Mel’s Diner)
(7/29/22) Longest without power/electricity: Ignacio (7 days w/out power/heat/hot water)
(7/28/22) Most money won playing lottery: Anonymous (Won $50,000 at Apple Barrel on Fruitvale Blvd.)
(7/27/22) Oldest concert t-shirt: Brian Dunn (Def Leppard 1983 show at Seattle Center Coliseum in 1983)
(7/26/22) Worst vacation disaster: Kendall Jackson (Went to Hawaii with my mom & when got home, her husband had  moved out of  house)
(7/25/22) Hottest temp outside ever been in: “Bobber” Mike (130 degrees when deployed in Iraq in 2004)
(7/22/22) Best practical joke: Kevin Martinez  (Has 2 remotes for TV – He randomly changes the channel when his wife is watching her shows. She still hasn’t figured it out after 4 months!)

(7/21/22) Most musical instruments played: Jack Benjamin (6)
(7/20/22) Most car accidents: Zach Bates (5)
(7/19/22) Biggest sports bet won/lost: Aimee “Johnson” (Won $1,000 on Super Bowl board)
(7/18/22) Best gas mileage (MPG): Kris Gleeson (94 miles per gallon in Nissan hybrid)
(7/15/22) Biggest fish caught: Phyllis Hitchcock (Sturgeon on John Day River – see: below)

Courtesy: Phyllis Hitchcock

(7/14/22) Most piercings: Ali Simon (23)
(7/13/22) EASIEST job: Chris & Gary (Chris house sat at a mansion in San Diego/Gary was a graveyard security guard at the Yakima Country Club)
(7/12/22) Most tattoos: Ronnie Blaubelt (24 – at least!)
(7/11/22) Biggest pay raise without asking: Terry Dennis ($5.00/hr. as a truck driver)
(7/8/22) Longest engagement: James Scott (10 years – Been married now for 22 years)
(7/7/22) Most $  spent on fireworks: Marvin Sullivan of Terrace Heights ($2,5000)
(7/6/22) Eating contest winner: Larry Lowry (19 habanero chiles in 10 minutes)
(7/5/22) Furthest had to walk: Robin Tracey (Ellensburg to Yakima through canyon after car threw a rod coming back from an AC/DC concert.)
(7/1/22) Most fingers/toes missing: Jimmy Dale (Missing half of 3 fingers on one hand following an industrial accident)
(6/30/22) Met spouse in nontraditional place: Jessika James (Met her ex while cruising Yakima Ave. back in the late 80’s)
(6/29/22) Worst neighbor: Kristin (Single mom of 3 boys has apartment neighbor that regularly calls the police and CPS on them)
(6/28/22) Craziest sleepwalking/talking story: Ed Cox (He used to sleepwalk a LOT when he was a kid. It was bad enough that when they got a new house they put his bed in front of hethe outside door so I wouldn’t walk out in the middle of the night!)
(6/27/22) Biggest TV: Pam Moore (75″)
(6/24/22) Worst/best Super Glue story: Sam Nelson (Cut self splitting wood & friend Super Glued his wound. Next day, he was covered in blood and glue. Yes, alcohol was involved!)
(6/23/22) Most pairs of sunglasses: Lynn Leland (8 – He has an astigmatism and has them placed everywhere!)
(6/22/22) Most languages spoken: Chris Kirkham (6 – English, German, French, Spanish, Latin, Greek)
(6/21/22) Most unique marriage proposal: Travis Clay (Had a trivia host ask, “Sarah, will you marry Clay?”)
(6/20/22) Have you ever saved somebody’s life? Danny Pellegrini (Saved 10-year-old boy from drowning in Lake Oroville, CA)
(6/17/22) How many step-children do you have? Sean (3 kids, 11 step-grandkids)
(6/16/22) Corniest “pet” name for spouse: Shauna (Hubby calls her his “Sexy Bag of Estrogen”)
(6/15/22) Most ca$h ever held in hand at once: Bob Van Amburg ($56k when he sold his Cobra)
(6/14/22) Best line/method to get rid of telemarketers: Rachel Bailey (Listens to entire spiel before saying “Not interested.”)
(6/13/22) Most different jobs currently: Tom Herbert (4-Medical Courier/Karaoke Host/Uber Eats Driver/Doggie Daycare Owner)
(6/10/22) Most famous person to “Like” or “Follow” you on social media: Heather Appelhof (Followed on Twitter by Britney Spears)
(6/9/22) Nicest thing your boss/company has done for you/staff?
(6/8/22) Most snooze bars hit in the a.m.: Bob Wright (3)
(6/7/22) Most surgeries: Chris Anderson (16 on his foot that was crushed)
(6/6/22) Longest time without speaking to a family member: Krysta Wilske (her brother/8 years)
(6/3/22) Most money scammed out of: Kevin Kinney ($1,000 donation to people posing as a well-known charity)
(6/2/22) Weirdest/grossest thing eaten: Sheri Hart (piece of pooh she thought was an M &M) and Dee Spies (cow tongue)
(6/1/22) Worst time/place cell phone has rang: Ronnie Blaubelt/Celia Laurie (TIE – Ronnie’s during church/Celia’s at IMAX Theater)
(5/31/22) Weirdest collection: Emily Reynolds dad Billy Smith (Collects saw blades & yardsticks)
(5/27/22) Most pairs of reading glasses/”cheaters”: Judy Bushman (8, 3 in my purse, 2 in the living room, 2 in my car, and 1 in the bedroom)
(5/26/22) Youngest listener of 105.7 The Hawk: Thomas (13 years old)
(5/25/22) Best/worst pick-up line you’ve ever used/heard: Vicky Wojczak (“I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?”)
(5/24/22) Most steps/miles averaged per day: Sarah Black (13,000 steps) & B.J. Schorzman (3.5 miles)
(5/23/22) Most money ever found: Joanie Lange (Bought a $1 purse at a yard sale & found $300 inside!)
(5/20/22) What’s the strangest place someone has given birth: Chris Johnson & wife (Their now 5 year-old was delivered in the hallway of their house)
(5/19/22) How many records/CDs/albums do you have? Steve Keller (Over 2,500 LPs and 45’s he’s been collecting since he was a kid in the ’60’s)
(5/18/22) Worst nickname: Rhonda (Dubbed “My Lady Jane” by her English mother because she was so clumsy as a child.)
(5/17/22) Oldest Hawk listener: Don Catron (71)
(5/16/22) Worst job you’ve ever had? Rocky Nelson (Skinning minks in South Dakota. He lasted 1 day.)
(5/13/22) Biggest prize ever won in a raffle/drawing: Jonna St. Martin-Warner (Disneyland trip) & Cindy Cliett (Hawaii vacation)
(5/12/22) Contestant on a TV game show: Stan Cleaver (Not on a game show but was once on “Uncle Jimmy’s Clubhouse – works for us!)
(5/11/22) Most broken bones – or – most bones broken at one time: Dick Wentz (Broke knee, shoulder compound fracture in other leg and laid in the snow on a mountainside for 18 hours before help arrived. AND he got frostbite!)
(5/10/22) Most times failing driving test before getting license: Kelly Schooner (Passed on 4th try)
(5/9/22) Dumbest reason getting fired for: Ron (Let go from a pizza parlor for bad penmanship)
(5/2/22) Most years attending college: Paul (7 years – 1 at trade school, 5 at CWU and 1 at WSU)
(4/29/22) Longest friendship: Celia Laurie (Her friend Nancy have known each other for 62 years – since they were 2!)
(4/28/22) Most ex-wives/husbands – or – divorces: Dee Speis (4 divorces)
(4/27/22) Most unique/weirdest middle name: John “Boy” (His parents were, clearly, fans of the TV show ‘The Waltons’)

(4/26/22) Longest time ever renting a storage unit: Kyle Schwartz (7 years… and counting. He assumes it ended up on an episode of “Storage Wars”)
(4/25/22) Most TV’s in house: Andy Evans (“Audio” Andy at Sousley Sound with 13)
(4/21/22) Strangest reason to go to the E.R.: Shawn Pettyjohn (His daughter got a kernel of popcorn lodged in her ear after her friend threw it at her from across the room)
(4/20/22) Longest to hold a grudge: Brian Teegarden (58 years against his 4th grade teacher)
(4/19/22) Furthest ever driven without stopping (besides for fuel/potty breaks): David Scofield (54 hours from Central Pennsylvania to Yakima)
(4/18/22) Most coffee drank per day: Dan Stevens (12 cups)
(4/14/22) Longest line – or – longest ever waited in line: Mike Weston of Naches (250,000 at “California Jam” on April 6th, 1974)
(4/13/22) Worst ever been lost: Cameron Charley (Saw the country by bus on 9/11 after his flight to Pittsburgh, PA got grounded)
(4/12/22) Most amount of weight lost: John Stubbs (299 lbs.)
(4/11/22) Most times called for jury duty: Lindsey Hughes (4 times in just 3 years)
(4/8/22) Most guns/firearms owned: Chris Anderson (12)
(4/7/22) Greatest sports moment ever witnessed IN PERSON: Lester (Saw infamous “Fail Mary” – Seahawks vs. Packers on Monday Night Football)
(4/6/22)Biggest/strangestinheritance: Kerry Ritferd (Got a miniature golf course in Receda, CA)
(4/5/22) Went to school with the most famous person: WSP Trooper John Berends (Televangelist Joel Osteen in Houston, TX)
(4/4/22) Longest ever played video games in one sitting: Brent & Krysta Wilske (Played “Lord of the Rings: Two Towers” for 3 days + 4 hours)
(4/1/22) Best way ever bluffed way through something: Ross B. Marvin III (“Letting people think my name was “Mack Aroon” on social media.” – See: 3/30/22 entry)
(3/31/22) Most famous autograph you posses: Linda Carter (She got Evel Knievel’s siggy)
(3/30/22) Biggest screw-up at work: “Mack Aroon” (Was running a milling machine but had wrong tool. The spindle came down and  crashed into a $28,000 piece of aluminum totally scrapping it.)
(3/29/22) Most years in military: John Williams (26 years-U.S. Army)
(3/28/22) What’s the most money you’ve ever won on a scratch-off lottery ticket? Kevin Allen via his friend Doug ($1,500)
(3/25/22) Oldest person to have a child/become a parent: Ken Bernard (53)
(3/24/22) Weirdest place ever fallen asleep: Brad Sinsel, former lead singer of War Babies and T.K.O. , says “After an all day/night drive from New Orleans to Chicago to perform unplugged live in-store ~ made it through 1st verse & chorus couple bars of intro to 2nd verse… no singer!!! Guitars repeat… still no singer – finally elbow to ribs and I’M AWAKE!🤩
(3/23/22) Earliest to wake-up each day: Thomas Payment (4:00 a.m.)
(3/22/22) How many vehicles do you own (car/truck/RV/ATV, etc.): Don (7 total including 2 motorcycles, an RV, a motorhome, a pickup truck and 2 cars)
(3/21/22) Most states/countries lived in: Don (A military “brat”, he has lived in 6 states but has called Washington home for the last 41 years.)
(3/18/22) Most apps on phone: Christine in Yakima (She has 81 installed)
(3/17/22) Worst place ever gotten sick: Shari Hart (Mixed alcohol with prescription at AC/DC concert at Kingdome and was hauled off by the police)
(3/16/22) Most money loaned without it getting paid back: Kelly Hutchinson ($1,000 bail money for her brother)
3/15/22 – Most kids: Gene & Jenny (9 kids, 3 triplets)
3/14/22 – Longest commute to work (minutes/miles): Rob Cantwell (1 hr./55+ miles-Naches to Hanford)
3/11/22 – Biggest tip given: Dan tipped $200 when he was stuck at a truck stop in Missouri on Christmas day
3/10/22 – Strangest place you’ve ever made “whoopee”: Rich Bright (Got busy on a camo net in the Army during Desert Storm)
3/9/22 –  Most expensive thing a pet has destroyed: Ann Liddiard (Her St. Bernard “Striker” ate a tube sock that ended being an $800 trip to the vet)
3/8/22 – Gave birth to biggest baby: Barb Ross (She had a 12 lb. 8 oz. baby boy)
3/7/22 – On the most prescription drugs: Richard Solis (4 different drugs)
3/4/22 – Biggest yard sale steal: Bernice (She got a fully-functioning 1940’s jukebox for $75)
3/3/22 –  Most famous relative: Clint Isaacson (5th cousin to Willie Nelson)
3/2/22 – Longest without eating: Erik Vaughan (8 days thanks to a vicious stomach flu)
3/1/22 – Longest without sleeping: Ronnie Blaubelt (28 straight days – Yes, drugs were involved!)
2/28/22 – Most money won gambling: Terry Hoff ($10k on $1 slot machine at Wildhorse Casino)
2/25/22 – Most money spent on concert: Violet & Dave Garza ($900 to see Metallica in Spokane)
2/24/22 – Biggest age difference between spouse/significant other: Ron Mears (19 years)
2/23/22 – Fastest Caught Speeding: Myron Cloud (140+ MPH on Yakima Ave. in 1980)
2/22/22 – Most pairs of shoes: Terri Hammar (84 – Birkenstocks are her faves)
2/21/22 – Most miles on car/truck: Celia Laurie (Dad’s Chevy pickup with 620,000)
2/18/22 – Most pets: Zack Bates (2 ferrets, 4 cats, 3 dogs,1 bird = 10 pets)

2/17/22 – Shortest Marriage: Lynn Miranda (3 weeks)
2/16/22 – Longest Marriage: Barbara Lundberg (46 years)
2/15/22 – Shortest Time Spent at a Job: Ronnie Blaubelt (40 min stacking pallets)
2/14/22 – Longest Time Served at Job: Jimmy V. (40 years at Wapato Irrigation)