Todd’s Take: Do You REALLY Know What’s Coming Out of Your Water Faucet?

SMG/Todd E. Lyons

For a while now, I have been telling you about the difference in the water quality in my family’s home since we had a water softening/filtration system installed in our house. Sometimes, though, words simply cannot do it justice so I wanted to show you actual photographic evidence from my very own residence.

In the picture to the left, you can clearly see the amount of manganese that is being trapped by our water filter BEFORE it gets into our home and we start to shower/bathe in it or use it to wash our clothes and dishes.

In the lower left corner of the shot is the original filter that was installed. It is a much more heavy duty filter but our water in Moxee has SO much floating around in it that it was clogging the filter completely in just a matter of a few WEEKS! The newer string filter that is in the canister, as you can see, is still stopping  a ton of material that we’d rather not have creating slime in the pipes and parts of our home’s plumbing system and our appliances.

Now, maybe, this doesn’t seem like much to you from just a single snap so I want to give you some relief. Below is a side-by-side look at the filter we installed a month ago versus a brand new filter:

SMG/Todd E. Lyons

Pretty disgusting, huh?

I’m so glad we finally called Dwight Laurvick at locally-owned Independent Water Service right here in downtown Yakima. Dwight is our local water expert and will be happy to test your home’s water – for FREE – and let you know how an Eco Water softening/filtration system can help you!

They are located at 6 N. 5th Ave. in Yakima (just off of Yakima Ave.) or you can contact them by calling (509) 457-3631 or email at

You can also find them on Facebook by clicking HERE.

(Ed. note: I am compensated for this endorsement but I do not personally endorse products and/or services that I do not wholeheartedly trust and believe in. ~ T.E.L., Esq.)