Rock the Locks Music Festival Coming This Rocktober to PNW

Would you drive 90 miles to go see ZZ Top? How about Collective Soul? Maybe to go catch Night Ranger?
What about all three – and MORE – all in one place?!?!
“Rock the Locks” is a 3-day Rock-‘N-Roll music festival being held in Umatilla, OR in October later this year.
Starting Tuesday (9/5 – following Labor Day) join T.E.L., Esq. every morning at 7:20 and play “Rock-’N-Recall” to qualify for a pair of 3-day passes to the “Rock the Locks” Music Fest in Umatilla on Oct. 6th – 8th with 105.7 The Hawk!
If Umatilla sounds a bit out of the way to you, realize that it is virtually the same distance and drive time as heading to the Tri-Cities! (See: graphic below)

Camping and RVs are welcome if you want to spend the entire weekend rocking out with some of the heaviest hitters of all-time

Keep listening for your chance to win a pair of 3-day passes - nealy a $500 value!
Click here for tickets