The Coneheads (At Least One) Converge on Downtown Yakima [PHOTOS]

There’s a Facebook group dedicated to the wild and wacky right here in the Yakima Valley called “WTF Just Happened in Yakima“. The following pictures did NOT come from that page but easily could have.

My former next-door neighbor, Toby Bradley, is an independent truck driver and is used to seeing more than his fair share of the oddities of humans. Earlier today (9/19), he posted some snaps he took while dining at Waffles Caffe` on North First Street in Yakima.

The first is from a distance of what appears to be a person rocking a massive orange street cone on his noggin.

Courtesy: Toby Bradley

As the figure got closer…

Courtesy: Toby Bradley

…it became more evident that the gentleman was channeling his inner Conehead while paying homage to Flavor Flav!

Courtesy: Toby Bradley

Truly, WTF just happened in Yakima?!?!

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