‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ – Weeknights from 7-Midnight on 105.7 ‘The Hawk’

He’s the ‘Godfather of Shock Rock’.
Welcome to his nightmare because there’s no more Mr. Nice Guy – “Nights with Alice Cooper” weekdays from 7:00 p.m. – Midnight.
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MONDAY 6/5/23 –  HEY! Alice Cooper’ll make your Monday rule with his radio show. How? Why with a great Cooper’s Cover of Neil Young from the late John Entwistle of The Who; This Day in Rock on Pink Floyd, AND a Future Classic from the Pretenders! And Alice’s Schools Out and Killer deluxe editions giveaway contest is happening all week at NightsWithAliceCooper.com!! It’s Monday madness on Nights with Alice Cooper, so stay tuned or miss out, mutants!

TUESDAY 6/6/23 – The king of nighttime radio, Alice Cooper, is coming at ya tonight so don’t F up and forget! Tune in this evening for trivia on Bowie, a Cooper’s Cover of a Led Zeppelin classic, and Alice’s Email from freaks like you. Speaking of, Alice will have Freaky Facts on the Bill of Rights and dating AND Live & Kicking with the Who! And if you’re nice, he’ll spin your favorites from ZZ Top, the Scorps, Metallica, Foreigner, Grand Funk and loads more! Tune in for a tried-and-true Tuesday night on Nights With Alice Cooper.

WEDNESDAY 6/7/23 – Alice has a doozy in store for you this midweek evening! He’ll have a great Cooper’s Cover from Kiss, Freaky Facts on dogs and the Grand Canyon, AND a great Live & Kicking tune from Thin Lizzy! Plus your favorites from Cheap Trick, Pink Floyd, Joe Walsh, Genesis and Bon Jovi! End your midweek woes, only right here on Nights with Alice Cooper!

THURSDAY 6/8/23 –  HEY! Listen to Nights with Alice Cooper this evening, where you’ll hear a couple new live cuts from Alice’s School’s Out and Killer deluxe reissues that come out tomorrow…and which we are giving away at Nights With Alice Cooper dot com! Plus a This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, some TRIVIA on Billy Squier, and a Cooper’s Cover from Nirvana! Then it’s a ‘Ya Gotta Love the 80s’ tune from a late-80s version of YES and freaky facts on earaches and President Harding! Leave your radio on this station until this evening’s Nights with Alice Cooper… if you know what’s good for you!

FRIDAY 6/9/23 – Happy Friday! Your radio-vampire Alice Cooper is ready to rock tonight! Coop’s got a great show this fine summer evening—This Day in Rock featuring the Stones, a great Petty cover from the Goo Goo Dolls and O.A.R., a Future Classic from the Pretenders, plus a forgotten MTV classic in Ya Gotta Love the 80s! All the madness and mayhem is here tonight on the Friday Summer night edition of Nights with Alice Cooper!