‘Nights With Alice Cooper’ – Weeknights from 7-Midnight on 105.7 ‘The Hawk’

He’s the ‘Godfather of Shock Rock’.
Welcome to his nightmare because there’s no more Mr. Nice Guy – “Nights with Alice Cooper” weekdays from 7:00 p.m. – Midnight.

MONDAY 11/21 –  Nights with Uncle Alice Cooper this eve, you’ll hear Leslie West of Mountain covering Creedence; not to mention one of Alice’s OWN Covers,  plus Freaky Facts on flamingos and Coney Island. And let’s not forget a tribute to Nazareth, and songs from Boston, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin,and the Hollywood Vampires. It’s all here later on Nights with Alice Cooper, home of the tofurkey!

TUESDAY 11/22 – This evening’s radio show offers up a Day In Rock on Ozzy, young Australian band Starcrazy in Deja New and Ronnie James Dio singing Aerosmith for Cooper’s Covers. There are cool cuts from Thin Lizzy, Queensryche, The Doors, Green Day, Zeppelin and Alice Cooper. Duh!. It’s all here later on Nights with Alice Cooper, home of the vegan pumpkin pie… or not!

WEDNESDAY 11/23 – On this fine pre-Thanksgiving evening, Alice Cooper gives thanks for his radio show… made possible by his awesome listeners! This evening he’ll have a This Day in Rock on the first jukebox; and Freaky Facts on Coca-Cola and wind! Then Alice’ll spin your favorites from the Stones, U2, Nirvana, and live Genesis, Also, it’s a Cooper’s Cover of the Beatles from Alice!! Nights with Alice Cooper—the rare radio show that’s well done, with a side of cranberry sauce and a drunk uncle!’

THURSDAY 11/24 – Happy Thanksgiving, turkeys! Every family should be so lucky to listen to Black Sabbath, Boston, Iron Maiden, Janis Joplin and Motley Crue with their elderly relatives! And Alice Cooper makes that possible with his thankful little radio show! Of course, you’ll get Cooper’s Covers, Freaky Facts, and maybe even The Beatles in Order. Give thanks for rock & roll, Alice Cooper and that we’re all here together!

FRIDAY 11/25 – It’s black Friday… so shop til you drop with Nights with Alice Cooper as your soundtrack! You can tell Alice what to play at Alice@nightswithalicecooper.com, and see if he spins Frank Zappa, the Beatles, Maneskin, Kansas and Head East, Ratt and Led Zeppelin. (Hint; he probably will!). Coop might even share the scoop on the upcoming Hollywood Vampires tour! Nights with Alice Cooper–tune in or miss out!