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Today’s Question: (1/27/23) Men are twice as likely as women to ___________ while shopping. What is it?
Answer: ask a clerk for help

(1/26/23) 31% of moms say that they get stressed out about ___________ almost every day. What is it?
Answer: their weight

(1/25/23) 53% of employees say that their workplace doesn't have ___________. What?
Answer: a dress code

(1/24/23) 15% of kids entering college still ___________. What is it?
Answer: write in cursive

(1/23/23) Just 1 in 6 American say that ___________ is "essential" to living a happy life. What is it?
Answer: getting married

(1/20/23) 12% of us don't use ___________ even after we've paid for it. What is it?
Answer: prescriptions

(1/19/23) 23% of women say that ___________ is their partner's worst habit. What is it?
Answer: leaving wet towels on the bed

(1/18/23) 10% of American moms say that they want ___________ for Mother's Day this year. What is it?
Answer: a new mattress

(1/17/23) 41% of guys say that they're scared of ___________. What is it?
Answer: going bald

(1/16/23) 75% of people would give up watching TV, shopping and using a cell phone in exchange for ___________. What?
Answer: a flatter stomach

(1/13/23) It is considered very unlucky to ___________ on a Friday (double unlucky on Friday the 13th?) so it's seldom done. What is it?
Answer: start a trip by boat

(1/12/23) Washington is the only state that has written a law against driving while ___________. What?
Answer: having sex

(1/11/23) 47% of women receive more compliments when they ___________. What?
Answer: look tan

(1/10/23) The #1 thing forgotten by adults is where they put their keys. The #2 thing forgotten is ___________. What?
Answer: what to buy at the store

(1/9/23) According to a new poll, 11% of us say that ___________ is the most dangerous thing a driver can do. What is it?
Answer: be old

(1/6/23) The average person will say ___________ about 5 times today. What?
Answer: thank you

(1/4/23) Employers say that ___________ happens more in the first week of the new year than at any other time of the year. What?
Answer: getting fired

(1/3/23) According to a recent poll, the average person does this for five months before stopping. What is it?
Answer: goes to the gym

(12/29/22) Close to 18% of women pray before they ___________. What?

(12/28/22) ___________ is the #1 gift that women buy the man in their life when they don't know what to get him. What is it?
Answer: a wallet

(12/27/22) 45% of people have ___________ in a store in the last week. What?
Answer: paid with cash

(12/16/22) The average person buys 3 ___________ every holiday season. What is it?
Answer: rolls of wrapping paper

(12/15/22) In the 2 weeks leading up to Christmas, ___________ happens more often than any other time of the year. What is it?
Answer: break-ups

(12/14/22) 47% of women purchase ___________ when they are feeling down. What is it?
Answer: make-up

(12/13/22) Over 40% of Americans say that the pandemic has made us all more sensitive to ___________. What?
Answer: loud music

(12/12/22) The combined value of these holiday staples is about $9,000 maybe a little more this year. What are they?
Answer: Santa's reindeer (A male reindeer will run you about $1,000 or so!)

(12/9/22) According to a recent survey, December 10th (today) is the most common day for ___________. What is it?
Answer: putting up Christmas tree

(12/8/22) This "12 Days of Christmas" gift is the most expensive in 2022. What is it?
Answer: 10 lords-a-leaping. That will set you back $13,980!

(12/7/22) 82% of women say that a guy over 30 years old should never wear ___________. What?
Answer: an earring

(12/6/22) 26% of people still have ___________ hanging around from last year's holidays. What is it?
Answer: catalogs

(12/5/22) A study shows that compared to their mothers, women today have bigger ___________. What?
Answer: engagement ring

(12/2/22) Most of us have 1 of these but 3.5% of us have 2. What is it?
Answer: middle names

(12/1/22) 6% of Americans say that they are POSITIVE that they never ___________ even though most of us did as kids. What is it?
Answer: believed in Santa Claus

(11/30/22) According to a new study, men with higher I.Q.'s are more likely to ___________. What?
Answer: betting on horse races

(11/29/22) According to a new Reader's Digest survey, today is the best day to ___________. What is it?
Answer: book a New Year's flight

(11/28/22) According to experts, today is your last chance to ___________ in 2022. What is it?
Answer: safely eat Thanksgiving leftovers

(11/23/22) 35% of men have tried to hide ___________ from their mother. What is it?
Answer: a motorcycle

(11/22/22) 8% of us think that ___________ is the worst thing about Thanksgiving. What is it?
Answer: leftovers

(11/21/22) 36% of drivers think that ___________ is the most important thing to keep in the car. What is it?
Answer: ice scraper

(11/18/22) Almost 40% of married couples say that, if they could, the one thing that they would change about their wedding is ___________. What is it?
Answer: song for 1st dance

(11/17/22) If you are average, you'll experience close to 400 ___________ in your lifetime. What is it?
Answer: paper cuts

(11/15/22) This character balloon has made more than 40 appearances in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, which is far and away the most ever. Who is it?
Answer: Snoopy

(11/14/22) Around 500,000 Americans commit this crime every single year. What is it?
Answer: steal a hotel towel

(11/11/22) It seems like ___________ is a dangerous thing for a driver to do but it'll get you a ticket in only 1 state (Hawaii). What is it?
Answer: driving with a pet in your lap

(11/10/22) More than 40% of us make ___________ a habit at the lunch/dinner table even though experts say it's a bad idea. What is it?
Answer: salt the food before even tasting it

(11/9/22) For about 1 in 10 Americans, ___________ will be on the dinner table this Thanksgiving. What is it?
Answer: a check/bill (about 9% of us will go out to eat)

(11/8/22) More than 25% of voters complained about ___________ in 2020. What was it?


Answer: They didn't get an "I Voted" sticker


(11/7/22) The #1 pet peeve of dads is ___________. What is it?
Answer: leaving the lights on

(11/4/22) The #1 way we waste time at work is ___________. What is it?
Answer: talking about the weather

(11/3/22) 33% of married men say that they have borrowed their wife's ___________. What?
Answer: deodorant

(11/2/22) It takes men an average of 8 dates to ___________, while women need about 10. What is it?
Answer: Change their Facebook status to "in a relationship"

(11/1/22) According to a recent survey, liver is the most hated food. Number 2 is ___________. What is it?
Answer: lima beans

(10/31/22) 21% of parents say they would avoid hiring a babysitter that had ___________. What?

(10/28/22) According to a recent survey, more than 90% of us don't remember the last time we cleaned ___________. What is it?
Answer: vacuum cleaner

(10/27/22) The #1 turnoff for men, when it comes to women, is tattoos. For women, about men, it's beards. The #2 turnoff is the same for both. What is it?
Answer: bad breath

(10/26/22) According to a survey, most people say that they are afraid of ___________ in their house. What?
Answer: garbage disposal

(10/25/22) 11 billion ___________ are sold every year, but you usually get them for free. What is it?
The answer: ketchup packets

(10/24/22) 6 in 10 women plan to do this for Halloween versus just 4 in 10 men, What is it?
Answer: decorating outside of house

(10/21/22)13% of men would rather have more friends than more ___________. What?
Answer: hair

(10/20/22) According to a poll, our top 3 biggest fears/phobias are heights, spiders and ___________. What?
Answer: enclosed spaces (claustrophobia) 

(10/19/22) The 3 most often played songs in the U.S.A. are "Happy Birthday", "The Star-Spangled Banner" and ___________. What is it?
Answer: "Take Me Out to the Ballgame"

(10/18/22) 52% of mothers ___________ when their children aren't home. What?
Answer: play video games

(10/17/22) 1 in 3 men would give up ___________ to remove belly fat. What?
Answer: watching football

(10/14/22) 10% of adults say that a ___________ is the WORST Christmas present a person could receive. What is it?
Answer: a toaster

(10/13/22) 47% of women said they actually buy ___________ for their significant other at Christmas time. What?
The answer: boxer shorts

(10/12/22) 7% of drivers say that they never ___________ because it "adds excitement". What is it?
The answer: use their turn signal

(10/11/22) In the 1980's, most people learned how to ___________. Now, only 14% of people learn hoe. What is it?

(10/10/22) More than 1/2 of American men say that their least favorite thing to shop for is ___________. What is it?
Answer: furniture

(10/7/22) 35% of people say that they would give-up a pay raise in exchange for ___________. What?
Answer: having their boss fired

(10/6/22) 20% of men say that they ___________ 3 times a week at the office.
What is it?
Answer: wear the same shirt

(10/5/22) Nearly 10% of people say that ___________ has happened to them on a first date. What is it?
Answer: their credit card got declined

(10/4/22) A survey found that the top 5 most popular musical instruments to play are: guitar, piano, drums, violin & ___________. What?
Answer: saxophone

(10/3/22) According to a new YouGov survey, 17 percent of us think it's "sometimes" OK to take part in this  behavior. What is it?
Answer: drive drunk

(9/30/22) According to a recent survey, twice as many men than women say that ___________ is "not important" when job-hunting. What is it?
Answer: being qualified for the job

(9/29/22) Health experts say that we should ___________ at least once a week - but 5% of us wait 8 weeks to do it. What is it?
Answer: change our sheets

(9/28/22) On average, both waiters AND waitresses will get 30% more in tips if they ___________. What?
Answer: introduce themselves

(9/27/22) The average male will ___________ about 6 times on a first date. What?
Answer: lie

(9/26/22) Women take :20 seconds longer than men to ___________. What is it?
Answer: parallel park

(9/23/22) A woman will ___________ nearly 3 times a day until she's around 50. After 50, she'll only do it about once a day. What is it?
Answer: complain about her husband/boyfriend

(9/22/22) On average, Americans think that it takes 13 minutes to ___________. What is it?
Answer: be considered late

(9/21/22) According to a recent survey, 51% of us "never" ___________ when we travel/vacation. What is it?
Answer: unpack our suitcase

(9/20/22) 230 MILLION pounds of paper are used in America each year for ___________. What is it?
Answer: store receipts

(8/29/22) The average working woman ___________ roughly 20 times a week. What?

(8/26/22) 15% of guys have insulted a woman on a first date by asking ___________. What?
Answer: for gas money

(8/25/22) Sales of ___________ were UP last year for the first time in almost 20 years. What?
Answer: CDs (Compact Discs)

(8/24/22) This seemingly innocent item in American homes will be responsible for about 280 deaths this year. What is it?
Answer: toaster

(8/23/22) 70% of men say that they always have ___________ in their vehicle. What?
Answer: cologne/aftershave

(8/22/22) Men are just as likely as women to ___________ over the weekend. What?
Answer: do laundry

(8/19/22) 5% of people that own ___________ never use it. What is it?
Answer: dishwasher

(8/18/22) A new poll found that 5% of people wish radio stations would ___________. What?
Answer: play Christmas music year round

(8/17/22) 57% of people said they are saving money on their household budget this year by cutting back on ___________. What?
Answer: streaming services

(8/16/22) In 1972, 70% of homes in America had one of these. Today, only about 18% have one. What is it?
Answer: ash tray

(8/15/22) 25% of women have regular dreams about buying ___________? What?
Answer: a new pair of shoes


(8/12/22) 28% of women – and just 14% of men – do this on an airplane flight. What is it?
Answer: pray

(8/11/22) 33% of women say they would change ___________ about themselves. What?
The answer: their laugh

(8/10/22) If you’re a man and have ___________, statistically, you may be more intelligent than other men. What is it?
Answer: a hairy chest

(8/9/22) You’ll find this outside about 1 in every 200 American homes right now. What is it?

(8/8/22) The average person ___________ four times before they turn 32. What is it?
Answer: changes jobs

(8/5/22) The average family has 55 of these in their kitchen right now. What are they?
Answer: things stuck to refrigerator
(8/4/22) Statistics show that about 1 out of every 20 divorced people will do this at some point. What is it?
Answer: Remarry their ex-spouse

(8/3/22) You’re most likely to engage in this bad habit on a Wednesday, although millions of us do it every day. What is it?
Answer: hitting snooze button on alarm

(8/2/22) One in 3 pet owners have used their pet for this purpose. What is it?
Answer: their pet’s name as a password

(8/1/22) Believe it or not, nearly 1 in 5 Americans have never had this summertime experience. What is it?
Answer: ordering from an ice cream truck

(7/29/22) More than half of men under age 30 do not own a ___________. What?
Answer: a suit

(7/28/22) 39% of women go through their lives without ___________. What?
Answer: wisdom teeth

(7/27/22) 1/3 of wives wish that their husbands would ___________ more. What is it?
Answer: hold hands

(7/26/22) 1/4 of young adults have never been to ___________.
Answer: a bank

(7/25/22) 29% of people don’t know their partner’s favorite ___________. What?
Answer: salad dressing

(7/22/22) Men are more likely than women to admit that they dream about ___________. What?
Answer: their wedding day

(7/21/22) 14% of Americans don’t have ___________ in their home and 4% aren’t sure if they do or not. What is it?
The answer: air conditioning

(7/20/22) 52% of people are turned off by parents who ___________ in public. What?
Answer: change diapers

(7/19/22) 17% of us have had this happen in a romantic relationship – that number doubles among Millennials. What is it?
Answer: dumped via text message

(7/18/22) Roughly 1 in 10 millennials has never ___________ – but 97% of people over 50 have. What is it?
Answer: rode a bicycle

(7/15/22) Americans spend a billion dollars a year on ___________. What?
Answer: slippers

(7/14/22) According to a survey, 30% of men – and 19% of women – say they’d reconsider a relationship if they didn’t like the way their partner ___________. What?
Answer: maintain their “private area”

(7/13/22) In a recent survey, about 3 in 10 managers say ___________ would disqualify a job candidate in an interview? What?
Answer: bad breath

(7/12/22) In the U.S., the 3 most borrowed items are: pens, lighters and ___________. What?
Answer: jumper cables

(7/11/22) 20% of administrative professionals have done this on the job at work for their boss. What is it?
Answer: watch their pet(s)

(7/8/22) Over the course of her lifetime, the average woman will buy 220 ___________. What?
Answer: candles

(7/7/22) In a recent survey, 7% of people say that they haven’t __________ in more than 10 years. What is it?
Answer: gone to the dentist

(7/6/22) A recent study shows that the average person spends 5 months of their life ___________. What?
Answer: complaining

(7/5/22) 22% of American say that they carry ___________ on them at all times. What is it?
Answer: chewing gum

(7/1/22) Only about 1 out of 20 new mothers can say that they ___________. What is it?
Answer: give birth on the exact due date

(6/30/22) 38% of arguments between women happen at ___________.
Answer: a yard/garage sale

(6/29/22) According to a survey, people that partake in ___________ do it for an average of 23 months. What is it?
Answer: an extra-marital affair

(6/28/22) If you have one of these, you use it an average of two times per month. Almost half of us have one and have never used it. What is it?
Answer: Twitter account (Follow me @ToddELyonsEsq)

(6/27/22) More than 90% of Americans say that they no longer ___________. What is it?
Answer: answer unknown phone numbers

(6/24/22) 27% of us have NOT ___________ in the past year. What is it?
Answer: read a book

(6/23/22) According to a new survey, 13% of babies born this year will have a ___________. What?
Answer: a hyphenated last-name

(6/22/22) According to a new survey, 8% of couples have tried this romantic adventure. What is it?
Answer: “Get busy” in the front yard

(6/21/22) Guys are more likely to be hit on at the gym if they are wearing ___________. What?
Answer: a hoodie

(6/20/22) 25% of people say they would be willing to pay someone to do this for them. What is it?
Answer: assemble furniture

(6/17/22) A recent survey of insurance companies showed that 20% of people say  ___________ caused them to get into a car accident. What?
Answer: picking their nose

(6/16/22) According to research, 91% of households in the U.S. own a ___________. What?
Answer: a Bible

(6/15/22) More than 15% of new drivers say the most stressful part of driving for them is ___________. What?
Answer: going through a drive-thru

(6/14/22) On average, men get a new ___________ every 2 years. What?
Answer: belt

(6/13/22) 25% of us say that we have tried at least 15 of these in our lifetime. What is it?
Answer: diet plans

(6/10/22) According to a recent survey, a man’s greatest fear is ___________. What?
Answer: poverty

(6/9/22) The average person will spend around 6 months of their life doing this. What is it?
Answer: waiting at a red light

(6/8/22) The average person ___________ about 25 minutes per day. What?
Answer: reads

(6/7/22) Contrary to popular belief, men really do enjoy ___________, even if they might not admit it – according to a recent poll. What is it?
Answer: watching romantic movies

(6/6/22) The #1 thing we find attractive in a partner when we’re younger is their looks, but after the age of 50 it’s ___________. What?
Answer: kindness

(6/3/22) If you’re average, you have more than 5 pairs of these. What?
Answer: jeans

(6/2/22) 60% of us talk to friends about ___________, but only 4% ever discuss it with a doctor. What is it?
Answer: a weight problem

(6/1/22) Nearly 1 in 10 workplaces now give their employees this perk – Which was unheard of a generation ago. What is it?
Answer: a nap room

(5/31/22) You probably have around 150 ___________ at home but only use about 15 of them. What?
Answer: TV channels

(5/27/22) When staying in a hotel room, 48% of us ___________. What?
Answer: walk around naked

(5/26/22) 21% of us don’t wash our hands after ___________. What?
Answer: changing a diaper

(5/25/22) 20% of us will leave the house today with ___________ but never use it. What is it?
Answer: a gym bag

(5/24/22) The #1 lie a man will tell a woman is: “___________.” What is it?
Answer: “I’m fine/Nothing’s wrong.”

(5/23/22) Just 20% of people going to work today have a ___________. What?
Answer: business card

(5/20/22) According to a new survey, what job has seen a 42% pay increase this year?
Answer: waiter/waitress

(5/19/22) According to a poll in USA Today, 64% of us ___________ right after taking a vacation. What is it?
Answer: call in sick to work

(5/18/22) While driving, 1 out of 5 people ___________. What?
Answer: throw trash out the window

(5/17/22) Experts say that Monday’s are the best day of the week to ___________. What?
Answer: buy a car

(5/16/22) 30% of adults in America have ___________ at least once in their lives.
Answer: sleepwalked

(5/13/22) 27% of women say that they feel younger when they have ___________. What?
Answer: blonde hair

(5/12/22) According to a recent survey, ___________ is #1 on most people’s “Bucket List”, beating out skydiving. What is it?
Answer: driving a race car

(5/11/22) The average person ___________ approximately 16 times per day, according to a recent survey.
Answer: swears/cusses

(5/10/22) According to women, the sexiest talent a man can have is ___________. What?
Answer: playing the piano

(5/9/22) Globally speaking, this occurs around 6,000 times per second. What is it?
Answer: send a tweet

(5/6/22) Almost half of people polled say they’re too embarrassed to do this in public. What is it?
Answer: stomach crunches

(5/3/22) The #1 thing we like to brag about saving money on is ___________. What?
Answer: vacations

(5/2/22) Parents likely paid $293 for their ___________. What?
Answer: kids 1st birthday party

(4/29/22) 15% of us admit to lying about ___________ all the time. What is it?
Answer: flossing our teeth

(4/28/22) 1/3 of women say that they ___________ when they are bored. What?
Answer: dye their hair

(4/27/22) 43% of people have worn ___________ on their head at least once in their life. What?
Answer: Mickey Mouse ears

(4/26/22) Believe it or not, more women than men watch ___________. What?
Answer: the Kentucky Derby horse race

(4/25/22) 15% of Americans have taken a day off of work because they ___________.
Answer: stubbed their toe

(4/21/22) 4% of people got a ___________ during the pandemic. What?
Answer: swimming pool

(4/20/22) 21% of American say that the first thing they do when they get out of bed is ___________. What?
Answer: drink water

(4/19/22) Beer is the #1 drink we order at a bar. What is #2?
Answer: margarita

(4/18/22) 40% of us won’t buy a car that doesn’t have ___________. What?
Answer: a cup holder

(4/14/22) 1:37 P.M. is the average time that people check on their ___________. What?
Answer: bank account

(4/13/22) 60% of men say they get turned-off when they see a woman ___________. What?
Answer: take a “selfie”

(4/12/22) 21% of women ___________ before exercising. What?
Answer: put on lipstick

(4/11/22) The average American home has 5.2 pounds of ___________. What?
Answer: candles

(4/8/22) 39% of men say that they actually like it when their wife ___________. What?
Answer: burps/belches

(4/7/22) According to AAA, about 35% of us have at least one ___________ in our car right now. What?
Answer: french fry

(4/6/22) The average person spends more than $200 a year on ___________. What is it?
Answer: making our home smell good

(4/5/22) Over 61,000 people are getting ___________ right now. What?
Answer: their oil changed

(4/4/22) We throw away 92% of ___________ without ever using it. What?
Answer: instructions

(4/1/22) People that make over $75,000/year typically have 4 or more ___________. What?
Answer: wristwatches

(3/31/22) A survey revealed that 30% of us ___________ at home, 65% do it elsewhere and 5% don’t do it at all. What is it?
Answer: wash their car

(3/30/22) Women think about ___________ about 5 times per day, while men think about it every other day. What is it?
Answer: grocery shopping

(3/29/22) Almost 20% of women say that they have kept this a secret from their partner. What is it?
Answer: fender bender

(3/28/22) According to a survey in a woman’s magazine, 7 out of 10 women say they won’t date a guy who has ___________. What?
Answer: gray hair

(3/25/22) When people were asked in a survey what they would miss the most if they traveled back in time, this came in at #1. What?
Answer: flush toilets

(3/24/22) 16% of married people say that they have gotten ___________ without telling their spouse.
Answer: a credit card

(3/23/22) A study found that, when meeting someone new, the first two things people judge are the other person’s teeth and ___________. What?
Answer: grammar

(3/22/22) 29% of adults use their kids as an excuse to buy ___________ for themselves. What is it?
Answer: chocolate milk

(3/21/22) On average, we will spend about $109 on a ___________. What?
Answer: wedding gift

(3/18/22) Since the 1970’s, 50 million people have participated in ___________. What?
Answer: NCAA basketball bracket pools

(3/17/22) Health experts say this is something we should wash at least 2 to 3 times a year, although many of us don’t even come close to that. What?
Answer: pillows

(3/16/17) The average American spends $6 a week on ___________. What?
Answer: lottery tickets

(3/15/22) 38% of women surveyed said they are trying to cut back on ___________. What?
Answer: gossiping

(3/14/22) 80% of these professionals go broke within 3 years of retiring. Who?
Answer: NFL players

(3/11/22) Teenage girls ___________ about once a week, while teenage boys do it about once a month.
Answer: slam a door shut

(3/10/22) One in eight women admit they get annoyed when they meet a woman that has ___________. What?
Answer: the same name

(3/9/22) On average, a child uses ___________ 730 times by their 10th birthday. What?
Answer: crayons

(3/8/22) 75% of women get suspicious when their man ___________. What?
Answer: sends flowers

(3/7/22) 25% of women ___________ while on vacation but rarely at home. What?
Answer: read a book

(3/4/22) Over 40% of Americans say the pandemic has made them more sensitive to ___________. What?
Answer: loud music

(3/3/22) 9% of men say that they would rather do what chore than spend time with their family. What is it?
Answer: cleaning the drain in the sink

(3/2/22) 59% of women dislike it when a man wears ___________. What?
Answer: Crocs on their feet

(3/1/22) 25% of men won’t date a woman if she has a ___________. What is it?
Answer: facial piercing

(2/28/22) 45% of us think that a person should wait until age 25 to ___________. What is it?
Answer: get a credit card

(2/25/22) ___________ doesn’t work in 1 out of every 4 homes in America. What is it?
Answer: doorbell

(2/24/22) 47% of people are uncomfortable talking about ___________ when it comes to themselves. What is it?
Answer: debt

(2/23/22) The average guy thinks about ___________ 6 times a day while the average woman does it 40 times per day. What is it?
Answer: their hair

(2/22/22) According to a survey, only 4% of guys across the world own a ___________? What is it?
Answer: a reptile

(2/21/22) By age 60, most people have lost 50% of ___________. What is it?
Answer: taste buds

(2/18/22) 27% of single men say that they won’t date a woman who has a ___________. What is it?
Answer: A twin

(2/17/22) One in five people say ___________ is their favorite secret spot to hide money. Where?
Answer: their shoe

(2/16/22) 36% of people will not _____ by themselves. What is it?
Answer: Watch a scary movie